by Anthony Salandy

As snowfall descends
On the little thatched houses
That dot the worn coastline-

A bright light could be seen
Moving in the distance
As if swaying in the onslaught

That was the early winter snowfall
That graced the many villagers
With a foreboding sense of forgotten whimsy

Before the downpour began to worsen
And consume them
In homage to the queen of ice

That passed slowly by each village
Discreetly shutting out each light
As the snow began to consume

The sight of once lit villages
Where only the brutality of the queen
Could now be seen-

For in the worsening snow
Could no respite be found
Only the wrath of a vengeful monarch-

A sovereign who laid claim
To the iced Earth she ascended upon
Where in all directions

Lay the bodies of followers
So simply sacrificed to the hoary Earth
From which they came-

An Earth that demanded sacrifice as retribution.